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    Flower orders have been growing at a high rate since 2015, with explosive growth beginning in 2016 and an annular growth rate of 124% in the first half of 2018, according to the data from the US company's flash purchase. The development of flower e-commerce, especially the emergence of local e-commerce such as flash buying, has reduced the threshold of flower purchasing time and again. It not only increases the sales of gift flowers, but also drives the demand market of "pleasing oneself" and promotes the transition of flower attributes from Festival demand commodities to daily consumer goods.


    The retail mode of fresh flowers is also changing. In the past, online orders were generally placed, platforms were delivered uniformly or orders were transferred to offline florists. Flash buying, a location-based local living service platform, goes a step further, linking the florist stores directly to the surrounding consumers, allowing users to see the nearby Florist stores on their mobile phones and place orders with one click, making buying flowers as convenient and easy as taking-out.


    Closer and more familiar stores mean higher distribution efficiency and better after-sales service. Because the distribution distance is short, whether the merchants send flowers to the door, or users to the store for their own use, or in the past troubled both sides of the return and exchange of goods and other after-sales problems, more convenient and fast to deal with, which will undoubtedly enhance consumer buying enthusiasm.


    Huaqianbu is a well-known flower e-commerce brand in China. It has more than 10,000 flower stores all over the country. Now it is the head merchant of the group flash purchase. In Zhao Yuguang's opinion, compared with traditional e-commerce, LBS-based flash buying platform is more suitable for the development of the flower industry: the connection path between offline florists and users is shorter, consumers can place orders more easily, real-time tracking order status in the distribution process, almost no longer need customer service processing, greatly reducing the operation of the brand. Ben. On the other hand, based on the accumulation of transaction data, the company will also give guidance in the consumer habits such as flower types, price range, order time and so on, to help brand reasonable stock, accurate marketing.

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